About Ecomex

ECOMEX started its trajectory in the construction market based on opportunities observed over more than 12 years of experience, being consolidated through direct contact with retail store owners, developers, engineers, architects and final consumers, with extensive expertise and focus on importing innovative products to serve the construction materials segment and its finishes.

At this moment, ECOMEX presents itself in the market and offers its customers and commercial partners the ECO PREMIUM LINE, being a product of superior quality in the Vinyl Flooring segment, manufactured with advanced technology of last generation, allowing a different performance for both use residential and for application in commercial environments, meeting all international quality standards, guarantees and certifications.

SPC ECOMEX Vinyl Floors have an E.V.A. which improves its acoustic, thermal performance and even generates a greater feeling of comfort when walking, in addition, the EVA blanket. allows the product to be installed directly on ceramic / porcelain tiles without the need for floor correction when the grout is up to 3mm (above this reference, correction / leveling of the grout is necessary), generating savings in the final cost comparison of the enterprise.

Due to the production technology, SPC ECOMEX floors are more rigid, their fitting system is more resistant and because it is DOUBLE CLICK, it prevents liquids from overcoming this barrier, which also makes it a “Pet Friendly” product that is easy to maintain and clean.

This technology also brings other benefits such as practicality, greater daily productivity, less time for installation, quick renovation, without dirt, silent, as it can only be cut with a stylus, greater use of cutouts and disposal of surplus material in recyclable garbage, which contributes to sustainability and ecological awareness.

Our products' quality and technology will provide you much more than creativity and versatility.